venerdì 30 settembre 2016

giovedì 29 settembre 2016


Hair: Taketomi - Oka -
Head: Catwa - Destiny -
Skin: Egozy - Hyolee -
Tattoo: .:AS:. - Gaby - Pose Lover
Vest: Addams
Pant / Belt: Meva - Shiny Shabby


Hair: Taketomi - Keiko - New
Head: Catwa - Annie -
Skin: L'Etre - Misato -
Lipstick: L'Etre - Misato [#2] -
Eyes: Arise - Kira - Suicide Dollz
Eyeshadow: Arise - Kim - Applique
Rings: :[P]:- Shiny Shabby
Sweater: Deead Dollz - Opal Comfy Sweater - Uber

mercoledì 28 settembre 2016


Hair: Mina - Minea - Shiny Shabby
Top: Meva - Cubes top - Kinky Event
Tattoo: [Hipster style] - Eloise - Shiny shabby
Ears: Swallow - Ears Elf  - Shiny Shabby


Hair: [Burley] -Barry-
Ears: Swallow -Rox-
Tattoo: [AR2 Style] - Melvin - MOM
Necklace: **RE**  - Sniper Tags - MOM
Jeans: Legal Insanity -Julian-


Helmet: ::TI:: - Helmet Flower- Red -
Hair: Taketomi - Laura -
Head: Catwa - Annie -
Eyes, Lashes, Make up: Euphoric
Tattoo: .:AS:. - Berta Tattoo ver.1 - Cosmopolitan
Dress: Cynful - Tangled - Kinky Event

martedì 27 settembre 2016


Head: Catwa - Tumble -
Eyes: Catwa - Mesh Eyes - New
Skin: L'Etre - Cheyenne (Browless)
Eyeshadow: Zibska - Jean - Retro Rewind
Lips: Zibska - Clara - Retro Rewind
Jewelry: Zibska - Helen - Retro Rewind


Hair: Little Bones - Vee - Uber
Sweater: Dead Dollz - Opal Comfy Sweater - Uber
Heels, Garter, Socks: Phedora - Sabrina - Kinky Event
Furniture: ::KKs:: - le grenier gachas - Shiny shabby

lunedì 26 settembre 2016


Hair: Little Bones - Buffy - Uber
Turtleneck / Pant: Dead Dollz - Norma - TLC
Shoes: UC - Ina - Uber
Cabin / Sofà: DRD - Shiny Shabby

sabato 24 settembre 2016


Head: Catwa - Justin -
Skin: L'Etre  - Ian -
Hair: Taketomi - Hanzo -
Ears: Swallow - Shiny Shabby

Hair: Little Bones - Vee - Uber
Head: Catwa - Tumble -
Skin: amara beauty - Dolce -
Eyelids:  L'Etre
Ears: Swallow - Shiny Shabby
Facepaint: Arise - Yola - TFC


Hair: Little Bones - Tati - N21
Head: Catwa - Tumble -
Skin: L'Etre - Cheyenne - (browless)
Glasses: [Z O O M] - Kami - Limit8
Ears: L'Etre - Basic Mesh Ears
Piercings: **RE** - Miriam - Shiny Shabby


Hair: Taketomi - Alana -
Head: Catwa - Annagrey-
Skin: Bold & Beauty - Cameron - Uber
Eyes: L'Etre - Real Eyes [#1]
Jacket / Top: Legal Insanity - Coco - Shiny Shabby
Piercing: E.A. Studio - Piercing Crystal Sunrise
Choker: [Z O O M] - Mimih - Kinky Event

venerdì 23 settembre 2016


Hair: Entwined - Lila - Shiny Shabby
Lingerie: Dead Dollz - After Dark - Shiny Shabby
Eyelids: L'etre - Natural Mesh Eyelids-
Necklace: Kunglers - Lakshmi - Shiny Shabby
Shoes: Phedora - Abby - Shiny Shabby
Pose: RK poses - Jas 1 - Shiny Shabby
Furniture: Candy Crunchers  - Zoe - Shiny Shabby

giovedì 22 settembre 2016


Hair: [Burley] -Barry-
Cardigan with bow tie and shirt: Ascend -Ian- MOM
Pant: Ascend -Johny casual pant-
Furniture: 22769 ~ [bauwerk] - Shiny Shabby


Hair: Little Bones -Taty- N21 (animated)
Necklace / Purse: Bauhaus Movement - Shiny Shabby
Top: N-Uno -Lessy- Shiny Shabby
Pant / Belt: Meva - Shiny Shabby
Shoes: Essenz -Malta- Shiny Shabby
Tattoo: [Hipster Style] -Sunflowers- Shiny Shabby
Pose: an lar [poses]  -The Ryana Series- Shiny Shabby


Hair: Mina -Ysabel- Shiny Shabby
Shirt / Bra: *agp* -Kelly- Shiny Shabby
Rings: :[P]:- Kerraleth- Shiny Shabby
kitchen: [ht:home] - Shiny Shabby
Loft: [ kunst ] -Industrial Loft Skybox- Shiny Shabby
Pose: Rk poses -Jas 2- Shiny Shabby


Hair: pr!tty -Anya- Shiny Shabby
Head: Catwa -Tumble-
Skin: amara beauty -Zoe- Cosmetic Fair
Eyes: Lotus -Genetics eyes- Shiny Shabby
Lashes: Arise -Cosmetic Fair
Knit top / Maxi skirt: Amiable - Shiny Shabby
Necklace: Minimal -Jolene- Shiny Shabby
Cottage: Bee designs (gacha) - Shiny Shabby
Pose: an lar [poses] - Shiny Shabby

martedì 20 settembre 2016


Hair: Entwined -Lily- Shiny Shabby
Head: Catwa -Tumble-
Skin: L'Etre -Cheyenne- Cotton tonr
Eyelids: L'Etre -Natural mesh eyelids-
Lipstick: L'Etre -Misato [#6]
Ears: L'Etre -Basic mesh ears-
Necklace: EF: -Breccia necklace- Shiny Shabby
Pose: RK poses -Jas 6- Shiny Shabby

domenica 18 settembre 2016


Hair: Little Bones -Meander-
Head: Catwa -Tumble-
Dress: Dead dollz -Bella- The Book of Daniel
Tattoo: .:AS:. -Perla- Pose Lover
Piercing: **RE** -Miriam- Shiny Shabby Event, starting on September 20th

sabato 17 settembre 2016


Head: Catwa -Annie-
Skin: L'Etre -Misato- Buttermilk tone
Eyeshadow: L'Etre -Misato [#2]-
Lipstick: L'Etre -Misato [#7]-
Eyes: L'Etre -Real eyes [#8]-
Gold Marks: Arise -Cross1- The Secret Affair
Nails: Arise - The Secret Affair
Rose Head: Zibska -Verend- Hunt


Head: Catwa -Justin-
Skin: L'Etre -Ian-
Hair: Tableau Vivant -LeeJae-
Hairbase: L'Etre
Ears: Swallow -Rox-
Ring: Swallow -Lock and Key Of Love Ring-

Hair: Little bones -Uma- C88
Head: Catwa -Tumble-
Skin: L'Etre -Cheyenne- ( Browless ) Cotton tone
Lashes: Arise - Cosmetic Fair
Makeup: S.E -Tokio Fashion Makeup- Cosmetic Fair
Ring: Swallow -Lock and Key Of Love Ring-

venerdì 16 settembre 2016

giovedì 15 settembre 2016


Head: Catwa -Tumble-
Hair: Rowne -Leighton
Vest: Mimikri -Fur Vest-
Skirt: **RE** -Maddie- The Book of Daniel
Leg Chain: Phedora -Jasmin- L8
Shoes: Phedora -Jenny- The Forest
Tattoo: .:AS:. -Selva- The Secret Affair


Hair: taketomiWEST -Jenna-
Head: Catwa -Tumble-
Skin: L'Etre -Cheyenne-
Earrings: **RE** -Dreah- Cosmopolitan
Top / Pant: ED. -Link- Tres Chic
Shoes: Empire -Viola- TWC

mercoledì 14 settembre 2016


Head: Catwa -Tumble-
Hair: Burley -Lisbeth II-
Ears: L'Etre -Basic mesh ears-
Earrings: **RE** -Dreah- Cosmopolitan
Top: Empire -Spiderweb- TWC

lunedì 12 settembre 2016


Head: Catwa -Destiny-
Skin: Egozy -Teyona-
Eyes: Euphoric
Vest: Addams
Necklace: **RE** -Envy Tags- ULTRA Event starting on the September 15th.
Hair: Little Bones -Xia- C88


Headpiece: Astralia -Flaunys- The Crossroads
Hair: Entwined -Dani- The Book Of Daniel
Head: Catwa -Dyana-
Skin: Bold & Beauty -Polina- The Book OF Daniel
Eyes: Euphoric -Alex-
Lashes: Euphoric -Koko-

sabato 10 settembre 2016

venerdì 9 settembre 2016


Hair: TaketomiWest -Laura-
Head: Catwa -Destiny-
Skin: Bold & Beauty -Liu-
Eyebrows: Arise -Lona- Suicide Dollz
Eyes: Arise -Lisa- Anybody
Eyeliner / Lashes: Euphoric -Venus-
Headband: Astralia -Giada- limit8
Tank: Miss Chelsea -Tara- Fameshed

mercoledì 7 settembre 2016


Hair: Entwined -Zoe- The Crossroad
Top / Shorts: **RE**  available at the WCF6, starting on September 10th
Tattoo: ::ED:: -Down & Dirty-


Hair: TaketomiWEST -Kylie-
Head: Catwa -AnnaGrey-
Dress: Dead Dollz -Vivi- The Crossroad
Shoes: Phedora -Kimberly- The Crossroad
Ring: UC -Skull ring- (unisex) TMD

martedì 6 settembre 2016


Hair: TaketomiWEST -Brooke-
Head: Catwa -AnnaGrey- New
Skin: L'Etre -Bella- New
Eyeshadow: L'Etre -Bella [#4]
Eyebrows: L'Etre -Arched Eyebrows-
Piercing: Swallow -Supreme- Arcade


Hair: Burley -Mikey-
Hairbase: [Hipster Style] -Jason FH + HB- The Crossroad
Tattoo: [Hipster Style] -Jason 2- The Crossroad
Pant: ED -Johnson Pants Black Leather- TMD

Hair: Entwined -Eva- The Crossroad
Skin: L'Etre -Bella-
Body applier: L'Etre -V4-
Dress: Dead dollz -Vivi- The Crossroad

Pose: Badwolf -Together-

domenica 4 settembre 2016


Hair: Entwined -Eva- The Crossroad
Head: Catwa -Annie-
Skin: L'Etre -Bella- New
Eyes: L'Etre -Real Eyes [#8]
Lashes: Euphoric -Koko lashes set-
Eyeshadow: L'Etre -Bella Eyeshadow [#2]-
Lipstick: L'Etre -Bella Lipstick [#2]-
Hairbase: L'Etre -Kim-


Hair: Burley -Troy-
Tattoo: [Hipster Style] -Jason 2- The Crossroad
Jeans: Legal Insanity -Julian-


Hair: Burley -Alex-
Tattoo: [Hipster Style] -Jason- The Crossroads
Shirt: Ascend -Johny colar up- TMD
Pant: Ascend -Johny casual pant-


Hair: Entwined -Eva- The Crossroads-
Head: Catwa -Tumble-
Piercing: Swallow -Supreme- Arcade
Arm Bracelet:  Phedora
Dress: Rebel Gal -Wrap front dress- Uber
Shoes: Essenz -Malaysia- The Crossroads 
Leg Chains: Phedora -Caelia-

venerdì 2 settembre 2016

giovedì 1 settembre 2016


Hair: Entwined -Amber- Shiny Shabby
Dress: UC -Roxy- Cosmopolitan
Shoes: Empire -Mimosa-

Hair: TaketomiWEST -Alexa-
Dress: UC -Roxy- Cosmopolitan
Tattoo: [AR2Style] -Cody- MOM
Leggins: Arise -Super low-
Shoes: Empire -Orchid- Fantasy collective

Furniture: BSHouse -Living room Marina- BB event